Hellenic Navy

Athens Naval Hospital

Multiplex system type Haux-Hydra 2500 (applications: Hyperbaric Oxygen
Therapy, Divers’ Decompression, Diving Simulation etc).
The complex consists of 3 pressure chambers, one of which contains water
and is used for diving simulations up to 250 meters depth, the second one is
used for therapeutic purposes while the third one is used for both therapeutic
purposes and special personnel tests.
The specific project is the largest one that our company has implemented in
Greece regarding decompression and treatment pressure chambers and is the
largest complex of its kind in the entire region of the Balkan area.
It enables multiple applications for both the treatment of patients and divers
as well as for performing tests on personnel and equipment for military and
civilian purposes.
The project, in addition to the supply of the Haux-Hydra 2500 Complex,
included also the dismantling and transfer, in a storage area, of the pre-
existing chamber type Haux-Modulstar 1500 / 5,5.

Year: 2004
Location: Athens