Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers – hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers – hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (or hyperbaric oxygen treatment) is the administration
of medical oxygen at pressures larger than atmospheric pressure.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a modern and recognized medical practice with
excellent results in terms of both patients’ health and quality of their life and has
been applied for decades.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed in special chambers (hyperbaric oxygen
chambers or hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers), inside which the pressure
is increased by the use of compressed air, while the oxygen is administered to the
patients through a half-face mask.

Divers’ Decompression / Transport Chambers

Each year millions of leisure, professional and military purposes scuba dives are
A cornerstone for scuba diving – regardless of the diving purpose – is the provision
of health safety for the divers via decompression / transport chambers in order to
be possible to decompress the wounded diver on the spot or to directly and safely
transfer him to a structure with a bigger HyperBaric Oxygen (HBO) chamber for
full medical care provision.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

As hyperbaric oxygen therapy becomes more and more popular and the number
of scuba divers is growing rapidly, accordingly is increased the demand for state
of the art hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers (or hyperbaric oxygen therapy
chambers) and divers’ decompression / transport chambers, which will cover the

highest levels of performance, quality and safety and totally adapted at the same
time to the specific, technical and financial requirements of each customer.
In Greece there are in total 10 multi-place hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers
(with capacity from 4 to 12 people) as well as several divers’ decompression /
transport chambers. These chambers operate in various structures (public and
private), while more than 85% of these structures are using chambers of the
German company Haux-Life-Support GmbH.
Eurodiving Trading EE with absolute respect to its professional object has always
the aim to provide quality, technologically advanced, and reliable hyperbaric
oxygen chambers and divers’ decompression / transfer chambers systems.
Eurodiving since 1996 cooperates exclusively with the German manufacturer
Haux-Life-Support GmbH. Who, with over 40 years of experience and presence in
Europe, America, Africa and Asia, is one of the world’s leading and pioneer
companies in the field of hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers and diver’s
decompression / transport chambers, and is distinguished for its outstanding
technical performance, its innovation and product quality and reliability.