Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or Therapy with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)

yperbaric oxygen therapy or Therapy with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is the method according to which oxygen, in higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure, is dispensed to the patients. The dispensing of the hyperbaric oxygen is performed in special chambers (hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers or hyperbaric oxygen chambers or decompression chambers) in which the pressure is raised in higher values than the value of the atmospheric pressure.

These chambers are divided in 2 main categories:

  1. In the monoplace chambers therapy is performed to one patient at a time. The pressure inside the chamber is raised either by supplying compressed breathing air (consequently the use dispensing of oxygen is done via special half face mask) or either by supplying directly oxygen ( the use of the  mask is not required).
  2. n the multiplace chambers the therapy is performed to more than one patient simultaneously, and the pressure is raised by the supply of compressed breathing air (respectively the dispensing of oxygen to the patients is done via special half face masks).


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